32KW Icarus mobile lighting tower



Need to illuminate large area's for your next sporting or outdoor event ? The Icarus mobile lighting towers are extendable to a  height of 24 metres and have 16 x 2KW fittings per tower. The mobile towers are 4WD  with an "on board" diesel generator  allowing for stand alone operation. The towers are designed for user flexibility. 360 degree rotation, headframe tilt and lighting output  from 200,000 lumens to  over 3,000.000 lumens . 

Whether you require large area illumination for your next  outdoor event or sports lighting for amateur, semi professional or professional competition levels our mobile lighting towers  will meet your temporary lighting needs.

24KW Gigantor EWP mobile lighting tower hire

The gigantor  is our  patented temporary sports lighting system designed to be fitted to an elevated work platform lighting  and remote generator. The system is palletable to site which significantly reduces transportation costs making it a cost effective solution to sites to even the remotest locations in Australia.With heights of 40m achievable gigantor is the ideal solution for applications requiring increased height . Coupled with a knuckle lift EWP, gigantor allows you to operate "up and over" structures such as grandstands and buildings puting the light where you need it when you need it.

From major international sporting events to council sporting field lighting the versatility of our mobile lighting towers allows for a tailored solution to your lighting needs