Floodlighting electrical reticulation
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Floodlighting Australia will tailor a floodlighting system to cater for your individual needs.The process starts with a site inspection where dimensions and surrounding structures are mapped, boundaries noted where spill lighting may be critical and intended ground use for now and into the future. Electrical services capacity and availability are ascertained with a view to potential future expansion.The design is put together as per the guidelines of AS2560 for Sports Lighting.Factors such as minimum lighting levels for specific sports,uniformity of lighting over the entire playing area,spill lighting on adjacent properties,upward lighting pollution, glare ratio’s,efficiency of the lighting source and servicability of the fitting and optimal pole height are all taken into account. Soil analysis, if required can be undertaken to determine the footing style for the poles.Certified structural engineers are employed to design a footing to suit the ground conditions and the pole loads. Poles can be designed for your specific needs. Alternatives such as climbing safety systems,platforms or see-saw poles will all be considered at the time of design.

From the customers point of view,you will have confidence that the designed installation will be compliant to all local council building regulations,will comply to AS2560 for Sports Lighting and give you an installation that will be both functional and exceed your expectations on performance.


Design and construct